Question: How do I change the color of the menu bar in Windows 10?

How do I change the color of my Start menu and taskbar?

How to Change the Windows 10 Taskbar Color

  1. Select “Start” > ”Settings”.
  2. Select “Personalization” > ”Open Colors setting”.
  3. Under “Choose your color”, select the theme color.

Why can’t I change the Colour of my taskbar?

Go to settings and click on Ease to Access. From the list of options under ‘Vision,’ click on Color filters. In case your taskbar colors aren’t showing even after setting them up to do so, it may be because your device’s color filters are on, and if it is the case, turn them off.

How do I make my taskbar color black?

Here’s how you can make your taskbar and accent colors dark as well.

How to Turn Your Desktop Black

  1. Go to Settings > Personalization > Background.
  2. Under Background, select Solid color from the drop-down menu.
  3. Select the black option under “Choose your background color.”

How do I change the color of my bookmarks bar?

To change your theme, go to chrome://settings/ and scroll down to “Themes” in the Appearance section Click the button “Reset to Default” to get back your default white appearance or install another theme from the Chrome Web Store.

How do I change my Windows 10 Start menu back to normal?

How to Switch Between Start Screen and Start Menu in Windows 10

  1. Right click on the taskbar and select Properties.
  2. Select the Start Menu tab. …
  3. Toggle “Use the Start menu instead of the Start screen” to on or off. …
  4. Click “Sign out and change settings.” You will have to sign back in to get the new menu.
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