How do I change the color of the taskbar in Windows 7 Home Basic?

How do I change my taskbar color windows 7?

You may change the color of the Taskbar from the steps below:

  1. Right click on the empty space on the desktop.
  2. Click on Personalize.
  3. Click on Windows Color to the bottom of window.
  4. Click on dropdown for Show Color Mixer.
  5. Now you can move the sliders accordingly and change the required color.

How do I make the taskbar transparent in windows 7 Home Basic?

The Enable Transparency option. Check the “Enable transparency” box to make the taskbar, windows and Start menu transparent. Make the taskbar more or less transparent by dragging the “Color intensity” bar to the left or to the right. Click “Save Changes” to apply and save the new settings.

Why can’t I change the color of my taskbar?

In case, Windows is automatically applying color to your taskbar, you may need to disable an option in the Colors setting. To do so, go to Settings > Personalization > Colors. Then, under Choose your accent color, uncheck the box next to ‘Automatically pick an accent color from my background.

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How do I fix the white taskbar in Windows 7?

Right-click on your desktop & select Personalisation. Now select an Aero theme. If that doesn’t work go to Control Panel->Troubleshooting and run the Aero Troubleshooter. It will fix many common Aero problems.

How do I turn off transparency in Windows 7 taskbar?


Right click on an empty area of the desktop and choose Personalize. Uncheck the Enable transparency option to disable transparency. The feature can be restored with a checkmark just as easily.

How do I turn on transparency in Windows 7?

Click the Window Color and Appearance link. On the Window Color and Appearance screen, select the Enable transparency check box so there is NO check mark in the box. Click OK to close the Window Color and Appearance screen. To close the Control Panel, click the X button in the upper, right corner of the window.

Why can’t I change my taskbar color Windows 7?

Right-click on the background and choose Personalize from the menu… Then at the bottom of the window, choose the Window Color link. And then you can change the color of the windows, which will also slightly change the color of the taskbar.

How do I reset my taskbar color?

Right click on your desktop. b. Go to Personalize > Click on “Windows Color” button and choose the color you want. Changing the Windows Color would also change the color of the taskbar.

How do I change the color of my taskbar text?

You can change back the color of your taskbar via Settings.

  1. Right-click on desktop and then click Personalize option to Personalization section of Settings app.
  2. In the left-pane, click Colors to see various settings on the right.
  3. In here you will see your selected colors, pick the color you want.
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