You asked: How do you find which processes are using a particular file in Linux?

Which UNIX command can be used to find which process is using a particular file?

The fuser (pronounced “ef-user”) command is a very handy command for determining who is currently using a particular file or directory.

How can I see what process has a file open?

Process Explorer shows you information about which handles and DLLs processes have opened or loaded.

  1. Open Process Explorer (running as “administrator”) by running procexp.exe or procexp64.exe.
  2. Enter the keyboard shortcut Ctrl+F. Alternatively, click the “Find” menu and select “Find a Handle or DLL”.

Which files is a process using?

To find out what process is using a specific file follow these steps:

  • Go to Find, Find Handle or DLL.. or simply press Ctrl + F .
  • Enter the name of the file and press Search.
  • Process Explorer will list all processes that have a handle to the file open.

Which UNIX command can be used to find which process is using a particular file chegg?

How do you find which processes are using a particular file? By using lsof command in UNIX. it will list down PID of all the process which is using a particular file.

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What does lsof command do?

The lsof command stands for List of Open Files. This command provides a list of files that are currently open. Basically, it gives the information to find out the files which are open by which process.

How do you find which process is using the file in Windows?

Using Process Explorer there is a simple way to find the program:

  1. Open Process Explorer. …
  2. On the toolbar, find the gunsight icon on the right.
  3. Drag the icon and drop it on the open file or folder that is locked.
  4. The executable that is using the file will be highlighted in the Process Explorer main display list.

Where can I find Process Explorer in Windows 10?

Above the right side of the main window, you’ll see the monitoring features of Process Explorer. There’s real-time system information with CPU and RAM usage and HDD and GPU activities. On the left side, above the process tree, you’ll see available options that are mostly similar to a standard Task Manager.

How can I see what files are open in Windows 10?

how to tell who has a file open in windows

  1. Go to Performance Tab.
  2. Click on Open Resource Monitor at the bottom.
  3. Once the resource monitor is opened, you can go to CPU tab.
  4. Go on the Associated handles part in that tab.
  5. Now you can write the file name in Search handles and it will show all the process accessing that file.

How do I view files in Linux?

Open the file using tail command.

  1. Open File Using cat Command. This is the most popular and easy way to display the file content. …
  2. Open File Using less Command. …
  3. Open File Using more Command. …
  4. Open File Using nl Command. …
  5. Open File Using gnome-open Command. …
  6. Open File by Using head Command. …
  7. Open the file by Using tail Command.

Which command to use to find files that Apache is in open state?

Using lsof -p <PID> we can see a list of files open by the httpd process.