How do I get back to my home directory in Linux?

How do I access my home Linux?

Click on the folder that is called “home” and then click on your username folder; the partition should be mounted and available here. You should see the partition listed here and it should have a mountpoint listed as well.

What is the shortest command to take you back to the home directory?

Answer: The easiest but not only way to return to user’s home directory from any directory within a filesystem is to use cd command without any options and arguments.

How do I get back to home in Terminal?

cd ~ (the tilde). The ~ means the home directory, so this command will always change back to your home directory (the default directory in which the Terminal opens).

How do I access root home?

Try cd /root . ~ is normally just a shorthand for the home directory, so if you are the regular user person then cd ~ is the same as cd /home/person . Basically, you are still logged in with your regular user but that one single command after -s is executed by another user (root in your case).

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What is the path of home directory in Linux?

Default home directory per operating system

Operating system Path Environment variable
BSD / Linux (FHS) /home/<username> $HOME
SunOS / Solaris /export/home/<username>
macOS /Users/<username>
Android /data/media/<userid>

How do I change my work directory to home?

If we type cd followed by nothing, cd will change the working directory to our home directory. A related shortcut is to type cd ~user_name . In this case, cd will change the working directory to the home directory of the specified user. Typing cd – changes the working directory to the previous one.

How do I get to my home directory in CMD?

The two command variables when concatenated gives you the desired user’s home directory path as below:

  1. Running echo %homedrive% on command prompt gives: C:
  2. Running echo %homepath% on command prompt gives: Users<CurrentUserName>

How do I get to my home directory on Mac terminal?

This works because the Terminal opens in your home folder by default. You can move to your home folder in terminal by typing one of cd (defaults to your home folder), cd $HOME (moves to the location in that environment variable), or cd ~ (a shortcut for home), or cd /Users/johnsmith/ (the absolute path).

How do I change the home directory in Linux?

You can use the usermod command to change the default home directory for a user. What this command does is edit the file /etc/passwd. Opening /etc/passwd you will find there is a line for every user, including system users (mysql, posftix, etc), with seven fields per line denoted by colons.

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How do I go back a directory in command prompt?

Type cd into the prompt to go back to the directory.

How do I move a directory in Linux?

How to move a folder via GUI

  1. Cut the folder that you wish to move.
  2. Paste the folder into its new location.
  3. Click the move to option in the right click context menu.
  4. Choose the new destination for the folder you are moving.