You asked: How can I control my Android phone without touchscreen?

How can I spy on someone’s phone without them knowing for free 2020?

Use a Phone Spying App – 100% discreet and undetectable

  1. Mspy – Free Trial. On the top of our list is of how to spy on someone’s phone without them knowing is a popular parental control software. …
  2. XNSPY. …
  3. Spytrac. …
  4. Msee. …
  5. MyCellSpy.

How can I use my phone without hands?

Turn On Voice Access. Google’s Voice Access feature improves accessibility by allowing you to navigate your phone, open and use apps, and enter text just by using your voice.

What can you use instead of finger on touch screen?

In addition to copper, aluminum is another material that works with capacitive touchscreens. While aluminum isn’t as conductive as copper, it’s still able to conduct electricity — just like your bare fingers. As a result, it’s supported by capacitive touchscreens.

Is there a free app to spy on someone’s phone without touching it?

Telenitrox is the best cell phone spy app software solution when it comes to spy on any kind of phone. Telenitrox works fine for all kinds of operating systems, and there is no need to access target phone to install the app, all you need is target phone number. Telenitrox gives all access to; Text messages.

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How can I spy on someones Android phone?

5 Powerful Tips to Spy on Someone’s Android Phone:

  1. Make Sure You Have Legitimate Reasons for Spying.
  2. Go for a Trusted and Reliable Android Monitoring Tool.
  3. Back-Up your Data.
  4. Keep Login Information Safe.
  5. Spy Target Device Proactively.

What is hands-free mode Android?

When Hands-free mode is turned on, the device will read out incoming callers, message senders, alarms, and schedule information, as well as give you the opportunity to answer a call using Air Gestures™. To turn on Hands-free mode, from the Home screen, touch Menu > Settings > My device > Hands-free mode .

How do I activate voice command on my Android phone?

To turn on Voice Access, follow these steps:

  1. Open your device’s Settings app .
  2. Tap Accessibility, then tap Voice Access.
  3. Tap Use Voice Access.
  4. Start Voice Access in one of these ways: …
  5. Say a command, such as “Open Gmail.” Learn more Voice Access commands.