What Android apps are compatible with Ford SYNC?

Can I add apps to my Ford Sync?

Make sure your phone is paired and connected to SYNC. … Press the Apps icon on your SYNC Feature bar, and select the app you wish to use. You can now use AppLink to control the app using the SYNC touchscreen or voice commands.

What apps can I download for Ford Sync?

Use the latest FordPass App to stay connected to your vehicle.

Is Ford Sync compatible with Android?

Available on all Ford models with the SYNC 3 multimedia system, Android Auto is the best way to connect your Android device to your new Ford. … Your Android device and Ford are now connected via Android Auto. Your SYNC 3 multimedia display will now switch to Android Auto when connected to your Android device through USB.

Can you watch movies on Ford Sync?

Video playback isn’t supported natively by SYNC with MyFord Touch. However, if you have an iOS-based device paired with USB and the composite video connection, drivers and passengers can watch videos from iPhones, iPads, and iPod Touches.

What mobile apps work with Sync?

What apps are available with SYNC AppLink?

  • Tidal Music.
  • Ford + Alexa (Not available Yet in Canada)
  • IHeartRadio.
  • Slacker Radio.
  • Pandora.
  • Waze Navigation & Live Travel.
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What can I do with my Ford Sync?

SYNC® allows you to use voice commands to make calls, play music, get driving directions, and find other useful information.

Does Spotify work with Ford Sync?

Spotify 0.6. 2, now available as a free iOS download from the App Store, lets you listen to Spotify music in your car with the Ford SYNC AppLink platform. “Log into your Premium account on your iOS device and connect it to SYNC AppLink,” per release notes.

How do I get Google Maps on Ford Sync?

To do this, users visit Google Maps and find a desired destination. Once they have selected an address, they click on it, click more, and select send. After this, they select car, click Ford, and enter their SYNC TDI (Traffic, Directions & Information) account number.

Will Google Maps work with Ford Sync?

When users visit Google Maps on the web to find locations, they will have the option to send a selected destination to their Ford, Lincoln or Mercury vehicle via a “send” menu on the site. … “We’re proud to be working with Google to bring this new capability to SYNC.”

What apps work with Ford Sync 3?

What Apps Are Available on SYNC®3 AppLink®?

  • Music Streaming: Pandora, Spotify, Slacker Radio, iHeartRadio, Livio, Tidal Music.
  • Travel: Waze Navigation & Live Travel, Glympse, What3Words.
  • News & Weather: Stitcher, WSJ, NPR, Accuweather.