How do I turn off the charging sound on my Android?

How do I turn off the sound when I plug in my charger?

Push the volume button on your phone. Then tap the settings button next to the volume bar. Then turn the notifications volume bar down.

Why does my Android phone beep when charging?

This beeping when charing is caused by a faulty charger connection: each time the phone registers that it’s connected and charging it beeps. If the charger connection is unreliable then each time it disconnects and then connects again you will hear the beep.

Can you turn off the battery sound?

You have two options for dealing with those annoying “Battery is low” notifications in Android 9.0 Pie: You can either make them less intrusive, or outright disable them. … Find the checkbox next to “Battery” and simply tap it to disable notifications. Select the back arrow in the upper-left corner to save your choice.

How do I get rid of the charging sound on my iPhone?

Simply go to Settings > Sounds & Haptics. Scroll to the bottom of the list and turn off System Haptics. That’s it. No more chime or buzz when you plug your iPhone.

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Why is my phone making noise when charging?

When the magnetic sheet steel inside a charger is extending itself, it is common for it to create a vibration. This vibration may make a high pitched noise due to the changes in the magnetics. When this happens, there is usually nothing to worry about.

Why does my phone keep pinging when charging?

Answer: A: Possibly the charger is not making good contact. That could be caused by the charger cable head itself, so try a different charger. It’s also possible that the cause is debris in the Lightning port on the phone, which you can try delicately cleaning out.

Why does my phone beep when I charge it?

When you plug your iPhone into charge, you’ll hear a chime or feel a buzz (depending on whether it is in silent mode or not). This is the “I’m charging” announcement. If shortly (three seconds to be precise) after this first buzz or chime, you get a second buzz or chime, this means that the iPhone is fast charging.

How do I turn off the charging sound on my mi?

Turn on ‘do not disturb’ setting, then plug in phone or place on charger dock. Then turn off the ‘do not disturb’ setting. The noise will not wake your household, and should an emergency call come in, you won’t miss it.