How do I get my Outlook email on my Android?

Why is my Outlook email not working on my Android?

Open Settings. Under the “Device” section, tap on Apps. Tab on Outlook. … Tap the Clear Data and Clear Cache button to reset the app.

Why am I not getting my Outlook emails on my phone?

The Outlook app offers a built-in reset option if emails are not syncing. You can find it in the individual account settings within the app. Once you reset the account, it will restart the syncing process and, hopefully, fix the problem for good.

How do I get my Outlook email back on my phone?

On Android devices, you can download the Microsoft Outlook app to access your email, calendar, and contacts. If you don’t want to use this app, you can still add your email to the default Android mail app. > Add Account > Add an email account.

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How do I sync my Android phone with Outlook?

To sync your Outlook contacts with your Android phone, navigate to phone Settings > Applications > Outlook > and make sure Contacts is enabled. After that, launch the Outlook app and go to Settings > tap on your account > tap Sync Contacts. Enjoy the freedom and affordability of OfficeSuite compared to others.

How do you refresh Outlook on Android?

Hard restart of the device, load app >> Inbox refreshes!

  1. Hard restart = Volume down & Power button for 5-8 seconds until reboot initiated.
  2. Email is received for a short while and then fails to sync again.

Why is my Outlook Inbox not receiving emails?

Your email account might not be properly synced with Outlook. You could have entered the wrong account credentials or configuration details. Outlook’s server might be down or the email client can be unavailable. An Outlook plugin could have caused this problem.

Why can’t I access my Outlook email?

If you’re still having problems signing in, you might need to: Check the service status for Reset your password. If you’ve recently changed your password, try entering your old one again.

Why am I not getting my emails on my Android phone?

Open the Settings app on your phone and select Accounts. Choose the email account where you have sync issues. Tap the Account sync option to view all features that you can sync. … If any new emails are available, you should see them in your email client.

How do I restore my Outlook email account?

Back Up and Restore an Email Account with Microsoft Outlook

  1. Start Outlook and click on File.
  2. Click Open and Export.
  3. Click Import/Export.
  4. In the Import/Export Wizard, select Export to file and click Next.
  5. Select Outlook Data File (. …
  6. Now select the emailfolders to back up. …
  7. Click Next.
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How do I recover my Outlook email account?

Go to to recover your account and reset your password. Enter the email address of your blocked account and enter the characters you see on your screen and select Next.

How do I recover my Outlook account?

Click Get Files.

  1. Locate and select your Outlook Data file.
  2. Click Restore Files (or Get Files in Code42 app version 6.8. 2 and earlier). The Restore Files Options (or Get Files Options) window appears.
  3. Next to Save selected files to, choose Original Location.
  4. Select Go. Your download begins immediately.

How do I setup my Office 365 email on my Android phone?

Set up an Android device with a Microsoft® Office 365 or Exchange ActiveSync account

  1. Open your device’s Settings app. Tap Accounts. If you can’t see ‘Accounts’, tap Users & accounts.
  2. At the bottom, tap Add account.
  3. Tap Exchange.
  4. Enter your Microsoft® Office 365 or Exchange ActiveSync email and credentials.

How do I get my work email on my Android phone?

Adding an Exchange Email Account to your Android Phone

  1. Touch Apps.
  2. Touch Settings.
  3. Scroll to and touch Accounts.
  4. Touch Add Account.
  5. Touch Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync.
  6. Enter your workplace email address.
  7. Touch Password.
  8. Enter your email account Password.

How do I setup Outlook 365 on my Android phone?

How to Configure the Android Outlook App for Office 365

  1. On your mobile device, go to the Google Play Store and install the Microsoft Outlook app.
  2. Open the app after it is installed.
  3. Tap Get Started.
  4. Enter your email address and then tap Continue. …
  5. When prompted to choose an account type, tap Office 365.
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