How do I get music from iTunes onto my Android phone?

How do I get music from iTunes onto my phone?

Connect your phone to iTunes and do the following:

  1. On the summary tab of your iTunes sync settings check “Sync only checked songs and videos”
  2. In your music library check all the songs you want to sync to your phone.
  3. Make sure there are no exclamation points next to any of the songs you want to sync to your phone.

How do I transfer iTunes to Android for free?

Part 1. One Click to Transfer iTunes Backup to Android

  1. Install the Transfer Software. Please download and install this software on your computer first, then launch it and select the “Phone Backup” Option.
  2. Connect Android to Computer. …
  3. Transfer iTunes Backup Data to Android.

Can I use Apple Music on Android?

To subscribe to Apple Music, download the Apple Music app on an Android phone or tablet with Android 5.0 (Lollipop) or later, or a Chromebook that supports Android apps. If you don’t have Google Play in your country or region, you can download the Apple Music app from Apple.

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How do I transfer a playlist from iTunes to my Samsung?

To import your iTunes playlists onto your Android, connect your phone to your computer via its USB cable and in the doubleTwist Sync software, click to sync your iTunes playlists or create a new playlist in doubleTwist using the tracks it imports from iTunes. Unplug your phone and you’re good to go.

Can you transfer music from iTunes to Google Play?

Google Play helps you bring your iTunes library to your Android devices. You can upload up to 50,000 of your songs from your computer to Google Play for free. Once you’ve uploaded your music, it’s instantly available on the web and your Android phone or tablet. No wires, downloading or syncing.

Can you put iTunes on a Galaxy phone?

You can now download or stream your iTunes library to your Android phone. … You can simply download the Apple Music app from the Google Play store just as though it came from any other music-streaming service.

Can Android phone sync with iTunes?

You can sync your iTunes music collection to Android using the Apple Music app. You just have to ensure that iTunes on your PC and the Apple Music app are both signed in using the same Apple ID. … If you need to manually begin syncing songs to your iCloud storage, click File > Library > Update iCloud Music Library.

How do I restore my Apple Music library on Android?

Step #1: Open Settings and swipe down to Music. You’ll see a toggle that looks like a switch next to iCloud Music Library. Step #2: Tap the toggle to make it green. Step #3: Wait a few moments to give your device time to retrieve the Apple Music library in the Music app.

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How do I download Apple Music to my Samsung phone?

How to get Apple Music on your Android device

  1. Open the Google Play Store and search for “Apple Music.” …
  2. Once you reach its store page, tap “Install” and wait for it to download. …
  3. Once it finishes downloading, open Apple Music by tapping its app icon.
  4. Sign in with (or create) an Apple ID and password.

How do I set up an iTunes account on my Android?

You can create a new Apple ID in the App Store, or in your device settings.

  1. Open the App Store.
  2. Click Sign In, then click Create Apple ID. …
  3. Follow the onscreen steps. …
  4. Enter your credit card and billing information, then click Continue. …
  5. Check your email for a verification email from Apple and verify your email address.

How can I get Apple Music for free on Android?

How to Use Apple Music on Android

  1. Launch the Apple Music app on your Android device. …
  2. Tap the free trial offer.
  3. Select a subscription type – Individual, Student or Family are your options.
  4. Tap Use Existing Apple ID and enter your ‌Apple ID‌ and password. …
  5. Add a valid payment method if prompted, then tap Join.

How do I transfer iTunes from iPhone to Android?

How to transfer iTunes backup to Android mobile phone?

  1. Connect Android phone to computer. Turn on USB debugging on the phone if not yet. …
  2. Choose iTunes backups. Launch the Android backup & restore software on your computer. …
  3. Restore iTunes backup to Android.

How can I transfer music from my iPod to my Android?

Copying Songs from an iPod to Android Directly

  1. Step 1: Plug iPod into computer. Open up the program and attach your both iPod and Android mobile device with computer via separate USB cables. …
  2. Step 2: Click Music button on navigation bar. …
  3. Step 3: Commence music syncing process.
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How do I get my iTunes music onto my Samsung Galaxy S8?

Then simply connect a Galaxy S8 to the computer. There are two options you can choose: “Sync iTunes to Android” and “Clean Up iTunes Library”. Click on “Sync iTunes to Android”, then choose “Entire library” or “Select playlists” to sync iTunes to a new Galaxy. It works for music, movies and other file types.