Did Android 17 Wish Bring back planet Vegeta?

Did Android 17 Bring back the other 6 universes?

No. No they didn’t. Interesting theory, it is never stated that it was only the ones erased from the ToP so it could be. I think it would be interesting to see what was in those universes.

Does Zeno bring back the universes?

If Universe 7 wins, Zeno keeps his word and the erased Universes are restored. But if they lose, then Universe 7 is erased in what will be the highest stakes out of all the story arcs.

Is Namek bigger than Earth?

A Namekian year is much shorter than an earth year, at 130 days long, as shown when the Namekians are reviving the Z Fighters who died fighting Nappa. As measured by Bulma on arrival, the Namekian atmosphere does partly consist of oxygen.

Why did Beerus destroy Planet Vegeta?

Beerus revealed that he intended to destroy the Planet himself but ultimately couldn’t be bothered as it was too far off for him to be concerned about. He was however surprised to learn that Frieza himself was beaten by a Saiyan named Goku in which he later hastily tracks down to ask about the Super Saiyan God.

What did universe 7 wish for?

Universe 7 also ranks as the second from the bottom on the mortal level scale as a 3.18 according to Zeno and Future Zeno. In the manga, Universe 7 now ranks as the third from the bottom on the mortal level scale due to their wish for reviving the erased universes.

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