What to expect from upcoming Nokia 3310

Nokia 3310 is the name that is widely spread over the internet after the news of its relaunch from HMD global. This handset from early 20th century made an excellent reputation from its solid build to long lasting battery life and also it was one of the most advanced mobile phone at that time. Nokia 3310 manufactured for just a couple of years and millions of its units were sold all over the World. Many new handsets hit the market after that and made good reputation as well but none of them were ahead of making a name like this lucky Nokia 3310 from Nokia. Even there came a time when Nokia was gone from modern mobile era but still this handset made its way in various funny videos and games showing its strength to take down every things with its indestructible build.

Well we all know Nokia is back with some new Android devices and going to announce some more good looking devices in the market coming week. Nokia 3310 will be part of those new devices again and we will call it reborn of Nokia 3310. First thing that comes in mind with the relaunch of this legendary handset is that, is this coming with the same specification and software that it actually came 17 years before?. Well answer is simply “NO” as with these specs this phone that earned reputation since decades will ruin its name. So is this new Nokia 3310 is coming up with Android OS?, well the answer is still No as its impossible for a device under $60 Budget to get these advanced features.

While talking about a basic level phone of modern era it will be like a 3.5 mm headphone jack along a small color display with a few modern features injected in the basic level phone software. Well this is what to expect from the new Nokia 3310 and also we should expect the same durability and longest battery timings from this device as well. Hope HMD will put their best effort to make this name alive for decades to come ahead as from their new devices it seems Nokia is going to take down some big names in the market soon because Nokia don’t need any marketing as it was there when no one was around but unfortunately some wrong decisions of Nokia at that time took it down but we must say it was down just for a while and now they are rising again by learning from their mistakes and hope we will get our favorite brand in our hands soon with the same reliability that Nokia is famous for.

Give us your feedback on this and tell us what do you expect from this latest Nokia 3310 device?.

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