Root your device by Dirty Cow exploit, working on all devices


A Linux kernel vulnerability ‘Dirty Cow‘ is released for rooting any android device easily. The Dirty Cow root exploit is basically a vulnerability that was discovered by continuous search and finding the flaws in the Linux kernel to hijack the system completely, finally the developers have managed to find it and they released this Dirty Cow root vulnerability.

The Dirty Cow root exploit can potentially root any Android device but you need to get root access as soon as possible as the flaw in the kernel exploit can be patched in the upcoming update. Once the security patch for the Linux kernel arrives, the Dirty Cow root vulnerability will be of no use so hurry up.

Although the Dirty Cow is discovered now but it’s a privilege-escalation bug that has been present in the Linux System with kernel version above 2.6.22 for about 9 years, not only this but the modern Operating System till now also have this vulnerability present on it. The Dirty Cow can be exploited on all the devices with older firmware to the latest released ones.

The method to root any Android device via Dirty Cow root exploit is pretty simple all you need to do is just run the, credit goes to the Developer ‘Arinerron‘ at github for making it simple flashable. The ‘run as’ binary is created by the the script that can execute the package as root. Just follow the guide below to see how to root your Android device by Dirty Cow root exploit.

How to root Android devices with Dirty Cow Root Exploit

You need a PC running Linux OS with Android NDK installed.

Enable USB debugging on Android device. To enable USB Debugging, go to Settings >> Developer Options >> Enable USB debugging

Download and extract the file from the link below. After unzipping you’ll get a file

Now connect your device to PC running Linux

It’s time to run the extracted script file, it will create a run as binary on your Android device allowing you to execute packages via root.

If you find this package helpful please let us know and stay tune for more updates.

Download Dirty Cow Root Exploit

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