Post replacement Galaxy Note 7 caught fire on plane


Samsung Note 7’s first replacement batch started reaching the retail stores a few weeks ago, yet another case emerge out at Louisville Airport. A passenger Brian Green has previously got one of those Note 7’s replacement but the problem still exists and burned another phone into flames. This is a alarming situation for Samsung, even after replacement the burning issue is still there, though this is the first case reported in the hand of user after replacement.

Brian Green further described that he bought the Note 7 bearing AT&T carrier from the AT&T store on 21st September, the box has a black square logo with green battery indicator in the phone, representing the safe battery. Remember the Pre-replacement Note 7’s have Stock white battery logo but after the issue Samsung is using the green battery indicator showing that a safe non exploding battery is installed in the phone.


According to Brian Green he tuned off the device as directed by the flight crew, before turning off the battery indicator was showing 80% charge. The phone was suddenly covered with thick grey-green angry smoke as described by Green, he dropped it on the floor that lead to burn the carpet on the plane’s floor. Samsung has’t made any statement on the matter but this incident will make Samsung to design a big change or it will be unable to get it’s reputation back.


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