Nokia 3310 relaunch and specifications

Nokia 3310 is one of the most famous and trusted name that we have been hearing more than a decade as 17 years earlier Nokia launched Nokia 3310, a simple functional and fancy mobile phone at that time with brick styled design and 3 operational buttons, whereas at that time usually cell phone’s sizes were nearly equal to your hand’s size with an old fashioned antenna on it. Well this phone gained immense popularity because of its solid build along impressive battery timings that lasts for days. This phone ruled the globe and millions of units were sold World wide and it was discontinued after a couple of years and its successors came up with new designs and features.

Since the introduction of iPhone and Android phones, Nokia was unable to compete with the global smartphone market with its Symbian OS and eventually whole company collapsed. Years after it sold its smartphone’s unit to Microsoft, Nokia once again stepped into smartphones era with some of its enthusiast ex-employees who jointly opened another firm named HMD-global that took the copyrights of using the name Nokia on their cell phones and adopted Android for their devices and recently they launched Nokia 6 for the Chinese market and are coming up with dozens of other Android powered devices for the rest of World. Beside those all fancy Android devices that Nokia is going to launch soon, they are also launching some basic devices and in the same category they just give a hint that they are bringing Nokia 3310 back into life again with some added features along the same durability and design. Well its a great news for all the Nokia 3310 fans as they will be able to carry their favorite and most popular phone once again.

Nokia 3310 is expected to be priced in the range of between 60$ to 70$ and with this price tag it will be a basic phone just like it was 17 years ago but it may contain some modern features like 3.5mm jack, colored display, polyphonic ringtones and music player. Well we all need to wait just for one more week as HMD global are going to announce their latest phones in MWC and from many other rumors it is also expected that Nokia 3310 will be running on Android OS with a touch display and with front and back camera as well. Bottom line is we all need to wait for the official release from its manufacturers and till then keep enjoying its different rendered pictures that are coming every day on the internet.

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