Nokia 3310 is back with new design and specifications

Finally long wait is over and today in MWC 2017 Nokia announced Nokia 3310 once again after its first version that was launched 17 years back. Nokia 3310 is one of the most popular device ever launched by Nokia and this name is well known because of its durability and long lasting battery that won trust of millions all across the globe. Today once again this device is back with the same name but with a little different design to compete modern era of basic level classic phones.

As expected this new Nokia 3310 came with almost the same shape and design as it was in its first version but with a little different and shiny plastic that was used in its older version. Since this device released in new era where color displays and cameras become an essential part of any phone so this latest Nokia 3310 is equipped with a 2.4 inch QVGA display along a 2 megapixel camera and the best thing it is giving in this version is its extended memory option and you can enjoy unlimited music with microSD option and a 3.5mm audio jack. This latest Nokia 3310 is a bit thinner, smaller and also very light weighted than its predecessor and it is coming in various color options making this device very attractive. Nokia was one of the first mobile manufacturers who introduced torch light in their basic phones and today they put this future in their iconic Nokia 3310 as well, as it is equipped with a LED torch light on the back of the phone right before the camera. Regarding to its specifications, this device is having a price tag of $52 and it is quite cheap and affordable for those who just want calls and messages along a little bit of entertainment from a call phone.

Nokia 3310 is well known as World’s most reliable handset and around 126 millions of its units were sold back in 2000. This name become an icon of Nokia’s durability and trust among its users. Nokia vanished for a while from smartphone business after taking some wrong decisions of not adopting Android in their devices and it resulted in shutdown of smartphone business. Well now they are back once again and this brand don’t need any advertisement as it already ruled millions of hearts and any good move from Nokia is highly appreciated as almost every cell phone freak is a fan of Nokia. Well have a look at this latest Nokia 3310 from the picture gallery below.

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Nokia 3310 will be available in Q2 this year and you can enjoy your favorite handset once again in stylish new look and with an elegant feel. Till then enjoy new Nokia 3310 in pictures and also stay tuned as more announcements from Nokia are coming up soon.

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