Leaked Pictures of Samsung Galaxy S8 without Home Button

Samsung Galaxy S8 is the upcoming flagship device from Samsung and internet is circulating with several pictures of this upcoming device but none of them seems to be accurate either these are fake or photoshoped. Recently in latest development to these rumors another image popped out and that seems quite real, showing alleged Samsung Galaxy S8 from the front with curved display and with no home button on the front.

This latest leaked  image of golden Samsung Galaxy S8 handset is quite real and we can clearly see Samsung logo is moved from top to the bottom replacing home button and in the above pictures other keys are vanished as well. It may be the phone is in idle mode or like other Android devices Samsung decided to put those navigational keys inside the display that may arose like pop up in the main display. Well if the above image is the real one of upcoming Galaxy S8 than I must appreciate Samsung’s effort in putting lot of efforts in slim and sleek design that is more handy than addition of extra space around the display. The above picture may be of Galaxy S8 Edge and simple Galaxy S8 will not be too different than it’s edge version. So wait and see when they are releasing this device as from many other rumors it seems that they are not going to launch this device in February this year and users may have to wait for a few more months.

We all are well aware of that Samsung is trying to get away from their flop Note 7 and they are putting all their efforts to come up with the best device ever to keep their shares in the market at the same level, as another average phone may ruin the whole cell phone unit of Samsung and their competitors are already trying to steal their huge market shares. So hopefully this latest device will lack the exploding feature to maintain Samsung’s kingship in Android devices.

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