Leaked images of iPhone 6s Box showing animated backgrounds


iPhone is a big name in the series of modern gadgets and currently the latest devices available in market from Apple are iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus. We been hearing a lot about the next upcoming iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus devices and several rumors are popping out showing leaked images of both devices and their specifications. These both devices are about to reveal officially a few hours from now and in the mean time a few leaked images of iPhone 6s box popped out over the internet showing it from different angles. From the images it seems the new devices will support animated backgrounds that were expected a long time ago. As the image from the 6s box seems like a fish in the white background and this image is on the Golden and White iPhone 6s box while the space gray and black iPhone 6s box has a different image showing the same fish in red. Lets have a look at these leaked images of iPhone 6s box below.



The above image is from Golden and White iPhone 6s box.



The above image is from space gray and black iPhone 6s box.

The above both images seems like an unfinished or torn packing of iPhone 6s, these pictures may be taken at the factory where these packing are made. Well there are only a few hours left from 9th September Apple event and these all mysteries will be solved soon by Apple itself. People always expects something really big from Apple as they are the founder of this whole new smartphone concept back in 2007 when Steve Jobs introduced his first revolutionary iPhone that changed the whole concept of smartphones. So hope this time again Apple will bring something new and big for all its loyal users. Stay tune for more updates and live stream of Apple’s 9th September event.

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