Leaked images of iPhone 5se or iPhone 6c Spotted


Apple once again get hot in the news and the latest rumors popping out about their upcoming devices finally came up with another brand new product inspired by iPhone 5c that was supposed to be a bit cheaper and with less specs. A Dutch blog published a picture of the upcoming (rumored) iPhone 5se next to iPhone 5 and with the above picture it seems quite obvious that the iPhone 5se or iPhone 6c is having no resemblance with iPhone 5 but it just looks like a smaller version of iPhone 6.

As rumored iPhone 5se will be the cheaper version of iPhone and also it will be lacking in specs as well, it will be equipped with a 8 Mega Pixel back and 1.2 Mega Pixels front camera and this will come in 4 different colors like its predecessor iPhone 5c that was unable to make its position in the market because of various issues that were reported in its performance. Well another same move like that from Apple is a bit odd but they must have something big behind it as this always remained the policy of Apple to bring something new and innovative.

From the above picture its seems quite real the latest iPhone 5se is posing next to its big brother but still we can’t say anything sure about it as this is not official image from Apple and this can also be a result of good rendering. But if this is coming next from Apple then there are many questions that arises in mind that when all tech giants are turning their smartphones into phablets and people are getting familiar and use to of them then this move to adopt the 4-inch display looks like a real bad idea as already iPhone 5c had average or bad reviews in the past.

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