Latest Google Maps for Android and iOS got cleaner design and more tweaks


Google Maps is a trusted Mobile application for both Android and Apple users, people relying on this application to visit the unfamiliar places where they have never been before. Now Google is rolling out latest Google Maps with updated features and more tweaks. According to Google the new Maps have got a much more cleaner look by removing unnecessary elements including outlines on the road, the places names are now more prominent to read as Google has worked a lot to improve the typography of multiple places including points of interests, road names, stations, food and tons of others. The WiFi only mode will is also coming in the next Google Maps updates, we have uploaded the screenshot from the pre-updated Google Maps and post-update above.

Updated points of interest:


As mentioned above the point of interests are now more visible as the areas are indicated with orange shades, Google is much familiar with the kind of searches that are mostly carried out by people so they have added much detailed information about specific places. Another good feature is that when you find your point of interest you can zoon in or even tap to learn more about it so now if you plan to visit any place you can just grab your phone from your pocket and see which place is more suitable to visit, thanks to updated Google Maps.

New color schemes:


Google Maps are already enough accurate to rely and also getting more and more detailed that what’s Google never compromises on quality. The latest Google Maps update brought more subtle color schemes to distinguish between the natural and man-made features to help you identify the places with the specific color that represent that place. Now with the latest updated Google Maps it has become more easier to navigate between the places where you plan to go.

Stay tune for more updates.

Source: Google Blog


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