Install HTC One M9 Stock Camera & Gallery apk on all Android devices


In this guide we will let you know how to install Stock HTC One M9 camera along with the Gallery app on your Android device. Just you have to install both the application as normal apk and enjoy the HTC One M9 Stock Camera with all the latest features included in the HTC One M9 Camera application. Thanks to Developers they make us enable to customize our Android devices using different wonderful applications. The HTC One M9 Camera application is designed to work on every Android device.

The HTC One M9 contains multiple latest features and options often found in advanced Cameras. You can capture high quality images, record videos using the below described different Modes packed inside the HTC One M9 Camera application,

Selfie mode: This feature is added in the camera application and it’s an additional feature often found in the modern devices, when you turn it on the device front camera starts working allow you take selfies.

Split Capture: HTC One M9 camera allows both cameras (front & rear) work simultaneously using Split Capture feature.

Bokeh: This feature make the background blurry to enhance focus on the person or object.

Photo Booth: This feature allows you to take multiple shoot.

Advanced Panorama Mode: Apart from it HTC One M9 also interludes Panorama Mode, Panorama is the most common feature found in most devices but HTC One M9’s Panorama mode contains extra features allow you to take panoramic pictures horizontally with a line which guides you for the possible best picture possible.

Download HTC One M9 Camera & Gallery app apk for your Android device

Just follow the below described simple steps to install HTC One M9 Camera and Gallery apk.

  1. Download HTC One M9 Camera apk
  2. Download HTC One M9 Gallery apk
  3. If you downloaded them using your PC then,
  4. Connect your device to your PC using USB Cable and transfer the downloaded apk’s in your Android device.
  5. Open File explorer in your Android device, search for the recently transferred apk files and tap install to install these two apk files.
  6. Note: Remember to enable unknown sources in your Android device, go to Settings >> Security >> Unknown Sources.
  7. If you downloaded it using your device then only follow step 5 & 6.

That’s it! You have successfully installed HTC One M9 both camera and Gallery apk files. Enjoy the latest features provided in the HTC One M9 Camera and Gallery apk. If you feel any query, please let us know by posting your queries in the below comment box. Follow us on Facebook/Twitter/Google+ for future update.

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