Increase 4K video recording time limit on Samsung Galaxy Note 5


Galaxy Note 5 is the latest flagship device by Samsung released along Galaxy S6 Edge+. The Galaxy Note 5 got decent hardware specification and equipped with a 16 Megapixel HD camera capable of Shooting 4K videos 1080p at 60fps. The high quality camera sensor allow capture HD picture which can be zoomed enough without loosing quality.

If you own a Galaxy Note 5 you might have noticed that while capturing 4K videos, the video recorder stops recording video after 5 minutes, why this is so? This is because Samsung has put limit on the video recording length and set it up to 5 minutes, this is good in aspect that if you capture video more then 5 minutes the high resolution video will exceed the size and will take longer to save the video file.

But now a wonderful modified Camera apk is available by which you can remove this 5 minutes limit on your Galaxy Note 5 and increase it up to 1 hour. All you need is a rooted Galaxy Note 5 and a working File Manager preferably (ES File Explorer) this modifies apk will not only increase the video time but also enhance picture quality from 96-100% with a bit-rate of 48Mbps to 68Mbps.

Necessary Downloads:


Download ES File Explorer and give it root permission

How to remove 5 minute 4K video recording limit on Galaxy Note 5

You need to perform a little modification in your system files and that operation can only be performed with a rooted device.

Follow this guide to root your Galaxy Note 5.

  • Extract the Camera zip you downloaded above and in the extracted folder you will see an XML file and a Camera apk file.
  • Open Es file explorer on your phone and navigate to System >> apps >> SamsungCamera4
  • Copy and move the original Samsung Camera apk on your PC in a safe place so if you want to revert back to original camera.
  • Copy the downloaded Camera apk file to the same folder (SamsungCamera4).
  • Go back to System folder >> etc and copy the XML file her & set it’s permissions to rw-r-r .
  • Now reboot your device so that new settings may take effect.

That’s it! You have successfully installed modified camera apk in your Galaxy Note 5. Enjoy the enhanced camera quality on your device.

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