How to unlock bootloader of Verizon Note 4 SM-N910V


In this guide you would be able to unlock bootloader of Verizon Note 4 SM-N910V in just a few simple steps. Which means you can covert your retail Note 4 into Developer Edition Note 4 and achieve the same freedom to perform multiple operation including flashing custom recovery, changing ROM mods and more.

But this could be only possible when you have an unlocked bootloader, we have already posted guides on other devices and in this guide we are using the same tools to unlock bootloader of Verizon Note 4 SM-N910V. Just go ahead and follow the guide below as directed.

What you can do after unlocking the Verizon Note 4 SM-N910V bootloader

Unlocking the bootloader of Verizon Note 4 SM-N910V may void the warranty but once it is unlocked you can pass through a gateway to perform custom operations including root and installing custom recovery, these two tools lets you to be the administrator of your device and allow you to make modifications and customization in your Android device.

Before you begin:

Disclaimer: This tutorial includes multiple operations which include, unlocking bootloader, flashing Custom Rom, Custom recovery and root. Follow the guide on your own risk, we are not responsible if you brick or damage your device however the chances of bricking a device are rare but you have to pay full attention on the complete guide to avoid any issues and difficulties while performing any of the above mentioned operation.

Enable USB Debugging  (Settings >> Developer Options >> USB debugging)

Your phone battery should be charged minimum 80%

Download Samsung USB drivers.

Download and Extract adb fastboot

Download Samsung unlock file and copy the file into extracted adb-fastboot folder.

How to unlock bootloader of Verizon Note 4 SM-N910V

Just follow these simple steps to unlock bootloader of Verizon Note 4 SM-N910V.

Connect your device to PC using USB cable.

Open the adb-and-fastboot folder you extracted earlier.

Inside adb-and-fastboot folder, press SHIFT and Right-Click on an empty space inside the same folder.

Click on Open command prompt here and enter the following command to see the status of connectivity.

“adb devices”

You will see a list of devices attached ensuring that your device is detected by the system.

Now type the following command to copy the downloaded samsung_unlock_n4-2 file on your device.

“adb push samsung_unlock_n4-2 /data/local/tmp/”

Now open adb shell and type the following command.

“adb shell”

Then type the below command to elevate permission.


If you  are prompt for requesting root access, grant it the adb permission. Now change the path where we have copied the files.

“cd /data/local/tmp/”

Now CHMOD and CHOWN the file by typing the below command

“chmod 777 samsung_unlock_n4-2”


“chown root.root samsung_unlock_n4-2”

Now executing the below command you will be notified about typing yes or no also it is recommended to read the warning carefully.


Now you will see something like this on your device

[+] CID at boot time is/was: 1501xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
[+] device not yet dev CID, now changing to dev CID
[+] programming new CID 150100523231384d4100657e54fc1200
[+] success! powering off device, power back on and verify CID
[+] then run this binary again to finish the process

Now your device will reboot and the CID will be changed.

After reboot insert the formatted SD card into your device.

Now again launch terminal >> ADB shell >> obtain root access


Now executing the below command you will be notified about typing yes or no also it is recommended to read the warning carefully.

[+] CID at boot time is/was: 150100523231384d4100657e54fc1200
[+] dev CID matching, proceding to unlock
[+] backing up loaders, this will take a few minutes
[+] loaders successfully backed up
[+] success! powering off device, hopefully its not bricked!

Finally it’s done, now keep your SD card in a safe place in case if you brick your device then you can use loaders to fix it.

That’ it! You have successfully unlocked the bootloader of Verizon Note 4 SM-N910V. If you have any query feel free to contact us by posting your queries in the below provided comment box.

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