How to unlock bootloader of Lenovo ZUK Z2 & Z2 Pro


In this detailed guide, we are going to show you, how to unlock bootloader of Lenovo ZUK Z2 and ZUK Z2 Pro. Bootloader unlocking is the an interesting operation, often it is done when you want to achieve the endless customization and freedom to add tweaks and modification in your device. The devices are shipped with a locked bootloader to avoid any damage or custom operation being made but some OEM’s offer the bootloader unlock process on their official websites on the user’s risk. The same thing we are going to perform in the bootloader unlocking process of ZUK Z2 and Z2 Pro.

What you can do after unlocking of a Lenovo ZUK Z2 & Z2 Pro bootloader

Unlocking the bootloader of Lenovo ZUK Z2 & Z2 Pro may void the warranty but once it is unlocked you can pass through a gateway to perform custom operations including root and installing custom recovery, these two tools lets you to be the administrator of your device and allow you to make modifications and customization in your Android device.

Before you begin:

Disclaimer: This tutorial includes multiple operations which include, unlocking bootloader. Follow the guide on your own risk, we are not responsible if you brick or damage your device however the chances of bricking a device are rare but you have to pay full attention on the complete guide to avoid any issues and difficulties while performing any of the above mentioned operation.

Enable USB Debugging  (Settings >> Developer Options >> USB debugging)

Your phone battery should be charged minimum 80%

Download and install Lenovo USB drivers, if your device is not detected by the computer

Download Adb-and-Fastboot drivers. Click here (Important)

How to unlock Bootloader of Lenovo ZUK Z2 & Z2 Pro

Just follow these simple steps to unlock bootloader of Lenovo ZUK Z2 & Z2 Pro easily

Go to Settings >> About device >> Status, now you need to note down the serial number of your phone.

Now open Google Chrome or any browser on your PC and visit Lenovo’s bootloader unlock page (Translate the page into English)

Read the terms and conditions of the page and Click the blue “Carry on” button at the end to move to the next page.

Now you need to select your device model and enter the serial number you noted above.

Enter you email address that Lenovo will use to send you the unlock key for your device. Once done you will see a message in Chinese, that means an unlock key has been sent to your provided email.

Now go back open your mail box, there you will see a Lenovo mail with an attachment “unlock_bootloader.img”.

Copy and paste the unlock_bootloader.img file in the above downloaded adb-and-fastboot folder you extracted earlier.

Now open the folder and inside adb-and-fastboot folder, press SHIFT and Right-Click on an empty space inside the same folder.

Click on Open command prompt here and enter the following command to boot your device into bootloader mode.

“adb reboot bootloader”

You device will reboot to bootloader mode then type the following command in the command window to flash the unlock_bootloader.img on your device.

“fastboot -i 0x2b4c flash unlock unlock_bootloader.img”

You will get an output like this as shown below,

“target reported max download size of 1610612736 bytes
sending ‘unlock’ (0 KB)…
OKAY [ 0.037s]
writing ‘unlock’…
OKAY [ 0.053s]
finished. total time: 0.090s”

Once done with the above flahsing process, issue the final command to unlock the bootloader of ZUK Z2 or ZUK Z2 Pro,

“fastboot -i 0x2b4c oem unlock-go”

That’ it! Simply reboot your device now, you have successfully unlocked the bootloader of your Lenovo ZUK Z2 & Z2 Pro device. If you have any query feel free to contact us by posting your queries in the below provided comment box.

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