How to unlock any Android device protected by a Pattern, PIN or Password without wiping data


If you are the one who often forgets his phone passwords, PIN or pattern that was previously set by you on device. Here we have brought an amazing app for you that will unlock your device even after you forget your PIN, password or pattern, are you wondering how is it possible? The Answer is yes, credit goes to a senior XDA dev joe2k01 for developing the app and naming it “Unlock me“, it bypass the password, PIN or pattern on your device and lets you unlock your Android device easily.

The password protected device is safe and is very important to keep your device secure with PIN, Pattern or even face-lock because if somebody uses your phone or if it is stolen then he have no option left instead wiping your device. And on the other side the lock-free device gives a great favor to someone who steals your device can easily access your personal information and important data.

Although the keeping the secure device with the lock is a good idea but on the other side if you forget the password, pattern or PIN set by you on your device then it becomes the worst scenario ever. The ‘Unlock me’ app is developed for such purposes all you need to do is just download the ‘Unlock me’ app and flash it via recovery on your device. If you don’t have a custom recovery like TWRP or CWM installed on your device you can visit our recovery section and choose your device.

The great thing about the app is that it is also available as PC version too and i think the PC version is best among all because you need a single click from PC to unlock your device in seconds. This doesn’t mean you can unlock any device you found password protected but you need to install the app on your device first to unlock it or use the PC version. Below we have mentioned the complete process to install the Unlock Me app on PC and Phone along the process to access the app.

How to unlock any Android device protected by a Pattern, PIN or Password without wiping data

Download Unlock Me for Android and flash it via TWRP recovery or Download Unlock Me for PC

Proper USB drivers must be installed on your device so that your PC detects your Android device.

Now open the ‘Unlock Me’ app on PC and click Unlock.

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