How to take Screenshot on Samsung Galaxy Note 7


In this guide you will be able to learn how to take screenshot on your latest flagship Galaxy Note 7 (all variants). Galaxy Note 7 is released a few days back with hand full of latest features and pre-orders are already in shipping so as soon as you get your hands on the latest device you must know the proper utilization of new features on Galaxy Note 7. So we will be discussing the process to take screenshot on Galaxy note 7 but first i must explain that you have three different methods to take a screenshot on Note 7, the first one is the traditional hardware buttons that we were using in other Android devices, second one is using palm swipe and the third one is using S-Pen method.

If you are on an upgrade then you might better know the process to take screenshot on Samsung devices but in the Note family additional methods are also available to take screenshot on your Note 7. However if you are coming from another Android device then you might find the process slightly different, so just scroll down to see the process to take screenshot on Galaxy Note 7. Screenshots are useful if you want to share some information with your friends about any latest application you found good or share the game performance including high score, funny Facebook status or conversation for fun.

How to take Screenshot on Samsung Galaxy Note 7

  • Unlock your device and navigate to the screen you want to capture.
  • Now Press and hold Power+Home button” simultaneously for 1 sec, a click sound with capture animation will appear on the screen.
  • The captured screenshot will be saved to gallery, or if you want to see the recent captured screenshot just pull the down notification bar and tap the notification.

How to take Screenshot on Galaxy Note 7 via Palm Swipe

  • Activate the gestures before using this feature. Go to settings >> Motion menu
  • Once in the Motion menu find hand motion and check the Palm Swipe box.
  • Now go back to the screen you want to take as screenshot and move your hand horizontally from one edge to the other.
  • You will see the capture sound along animation, notifying you that the screen has been captures.

How to take Screenshot on Galaxy Note 7 via S-Pen

S-Pen is the most common stylus feature in the Note family, it lets you do multiple task with precision and efficiently then your finger which include writing, drawing and other. Now you can also take screenshot using S-Pen on Galaxy Note 7.


  • Pull out the S-Pen from your Note 7 and you will see the Air Command will be activated.
  • Now choose Screen write and it will capture a screen on your Note 7.

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