How to root Remix OS 2.0 for PC


In this guide we will show you how to root Remix OS 2.0 for PC. The Remix OS is just the same Android 5.1.1 Lollipop based OS for PC as you have on your cell phones except you see bigger screen with multiple windows. In this root process for Remix OS 2.0 you have two options either you root the Remix OS 2.0 for PC or install/dual boot pre-rooted Remix OS on your PC.

Well the choice is your’s but on our end we recommend you to install or dual boot the pre-rooted Remix OS 2.0 on PC. As you know the root process need some early preparation and then it takes some time to root it so why not to use the pre-rooted Remix OS 2.0. All you need to so is just download the pre-rooted system.img from the below provided link and copy it to the already installed Remix OS 2.0 folder. Now just follow the below step by step guide to see how to root Remix OS 2.0 for PC.

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How to root Remix OS 2.0 for PC

Download Pre-Rooted Remix OS 2.0 for PC || Link 2 Drive

It is essential to extract it and then you need to rename to system.img

Now what you need to do is copy the renamed system.img and paste it to the folder where you have already installed Remix OS for PC.

It will ask you for the replacement of existing system.img, click replace and the rooted system will be there for you.

Now just go back and restart your PC

Now boot Remix OS 2.0 and you will find a SuperSU installed.

Now you need to update the Super SU binaries as normal to make it work proper.

That’s it! You have successfully rooted Remix OS 2.0 for PC. If you have any query let us know.


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    abdul February 8, 2016 at 3:42 pm

    there is no system.img in my remix os 2 mine is system.sfs ????

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