How to remove Prisma Watermark from pictures in Prisma App


In this guide we will show you how to remove Prisma Watermark from the pictures taken with prisma Camera. Prisma app have got much popularity as soon as it hit Google Play because it was developed for iOS devices previously. The working of Prisma app is simple it just transforms your picture taken with ordinary mobile camera into an art work so it seems like your pic has been painted by a skillful artist. It seems original art work as long as it has no logo or app’s watermark on it, the Prisma watermark is generated on each pic that you save in the gallery. But now you can make your Prisma pic look like a real sketch by removing the watermark on your pictures created by the Prisma app.

The purpose of watermark on each pic helps in earning popularity for the app either you can help developers in promoting their app with a Prisma logo or if you wish to remove it you can simply do it by performing a single step operation. The Prisma app is full of fun with it’s latest features that include frames, color saturation and unique filters, that’s all about the app, now lets start with the process to remove Prisma Watermark from your pictures.

How to remove Prisma Watermark from pictures

Just follow the below simple steps to remove Prisma logo from the pictures.

  1. Download the Prisma app and tap to open it.
  2. Now once you are in the App, tap the settings icon on screen.


  1. Turn off the “Add watermark” option.[This will disable the watermark]

That’s all about it! Now just go back and take any picture you will notice the watermark will be no more on the captured pictures. For any query feel free to contact us by posting your comment in below comment section and stay tune for future updates.

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