How to remove Instagram followers without informing them

Instagram is one of the most popular and downloaded social app owned by social giant Facebook. With the passage of time Instagram evolved from its basic features for what it is famous for to some of the advanced features and that are managing your account and of-course privacy lies at the very first stage. Today in this simple but informative tutorial we will tell you how to remove any of your unwanted follower from your private Instagram account with out sending any notice or informing them. Its simple and very easy just follow below simple steps to stay away from irritating followers.

Why you need to remove Instagram follower

When you start your Instagram account your first concern is to get as much follower as you can so that you can show off your photography skills or any of daily routine with them. There comes a time when you realize that you have so many of those followers that you think don’t need to be here to sneak into your personal pictures. So it’s time to kick them out of your account but off-course you have to take care of all the things as well that they don’t notice your this activity and also it looks bad kicking out someone from your account as they will get hurt or think bad about it. Well for this purpose we are here to guide you with performance of this activity secretly, so follow below step by step process to achieve your desired results.

How to Remove Instagram followers from your Account

Well process is simple and it is applicable only on your private Instagram account.

step 1: Open the Instagram app from your iPhone or any Android phone.

Note: This process is same for both iOS and Android devices.

step 2: Go to your profile and on the top row tap on “Followers”

step 3: Scroll down to look the person you want to remove or tap on the search icon to find the person by typing his/her name.

step 4: Now tap on the 3 dots that are next to follow or following button along that person’s name.

step 5: A windows will pop up asking to “Remove Follower?” and underneath it you will see official notice from Instagram that “Instagram won’t tell that person that you have removed them from your followers”.

step 6: Tap on Remove button to get rid of that follower.

Well that was easy right? you have successfully removed your Instagram followers without letting them know about your activity, give us your feedback and stay tuned for future updates.

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