How to remove bloatware (un-necessary apps) from T-Mobile Galaxy S5 G900T and Sprint Galaxy S5 G900P


In this detailed tutorial we will help you remove bloatware or unnecessary apps from both T-Mobile Galaxy S5 G900T and Sprint Galaxy S5 SM-G900P. Bloatware are the pre-installed apps in the device that come with the device from factory, bloatware is of two types, one is the bloatware that is pre-installed by the carrier (either T-Mobile or Sprint) and the other one is the pre-installed apps from the device manufacturer. We call it bloatware because we don’t need those apps or they are less often used, so it’s better to kill all those apps or permanent remove them from your device, because the un-necessary running apps are the worst battery eater along much resources are consumed. The problem with those apps is that you can simply disable them but cannot un-install them as other third party apps, the only way to remove those apps is to root your device.

So if you are the possessor of one of the above mentioned device wither it’s T-Mobile Galaxy S5 G900T or Sprint Galaxy G900P, then you can easily remove the unwanted bloatware from your device just on a single click. Credit goes to an XDA dev for developer such tool to remove bloatware from Galaxy S5 easily in just a matter of seconds. The tools is named as Muniz_ri’s Debloat tool, it include three option to remove bloatware from your Galaxy S5, Light, Medium and Extreme. The first one as the name suggest removed the most common files that are not often used, secondly the Medium that removes apps for common users and then the Extreme. You can also edit the debloater.bat file and change the listing of apps you want to remove.

How to remove bloatware (un-necessary apps) from your T-Mobile Galaxy S5 G900T and Sprint Galaxy S5 G900P

Before you begin:

  • Enable USB Debugging (Settings >> Developer Options >> USB debugging)
  • Your phone battery should be charged minimum 80%
  • Download and install Samsung USB drivers.
  • Download and Extract adb fastboot.

Process to remove bloatware from your T-Mobile Galaxy S5 G900T and Sprint Galaxy S5 G900P

Download Debloater for Sprint Galaxy S5. Here

Download Debloater for T-Mobile Galaxy S5. Here

  1. Extract the contents of debloater into the already unzipped adb-and-fastboot folder.
  2. Now go to the adb-and-fastboot folder and click open the ‘debloater.bat’ file
  3. Grant root access when prompted on your device.
  4. Now choose the option you wish like Light, Medium, or Extreme option and then press Enter.
  5. The process will take a few time, once the process is completed, press Enter and select reboot and exit.

That’s it! Give us your feedback on how did you find the debloating process and what changes you felt after the process.

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