How to reduce battery consumption while playing Pokemon Go


Pokemon Go has become the number one “augmented reality” game and gained a lot of popularity in very short time. The latest Pokemon Go changes the virtual game play into a physical world, hunting the monsters with more then a hundred species of Pokemon. That’s what about the Pokemon Go game is, but here comes the topic, have you noticed much battery drain during the game play on your Android device? If yes, then we are here at to show you the simple steps by which you would be able to minimize the battery consumption in Pokemon Go.

The users are heard reporting about fast battery draining during playing the Pokemon Go game. Yes, this is in fact not a serious issue so nothing to worry about, as you should know the Pokemon Go requires Camera, GPS along Wi-Fi/Mobile Data and Maps, all these thing are worst enemies of battery that lead to drain the battery fast. Most the Pokemon Go lovers have even bought power banks or continuously plugged in the Charger to tackle the problem. But this is a temporary solution, so below we have mentioned four steps to reduce the battery consumption while playing Pokemon Go.

How to reduce battery consumption while playing Pokemon Go


Enable Battery Saver: The Pokemon Go game has a default battery savor mode, you need to enable it to reduce the battery consumption during game. Open the Pokemon Go game and tap settings, there you will find the battery savor option, juts enable it.


Reduce Screen Brightness: Reducing the screen brightness will also result on low battery usage, go to your phone’s display setting and adjust the brightness.

Turn off vibration: Open Pokemon Go and then tap on settings, turn of the extra sounds and vibration from there.


You can also turn of the AR, without AR game is of no use but it is the worst battery eater, you can turn it off while catching the Pokemon, AR button on the top right corner.

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