How to fix iPhone 7 Home Button – Latest fix released by Apple


Apple’s latest devices iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus have got major changes including the Home Tactile button is replaced with the pressure sensitive Haptic technology that recognizes button presses. The traditional click button that Apple had been using in the previous iPhone devices is now become obsolete and is not going to be used in the upcoming devices. So the new iPhone 7 Home button change has solved many problem that apple users were facing in the previous devices. That was a good thing about the new Home button but on the other side users have also reported about iPhone 7 home button facing lags and freezes while put on charge.

If you are the victim of this issue then no need to worry, Apple has released a temporary work around to fix issue before releasing the permanent issue. The latest iOS 10 is much smarter as it has built in programming code to diagnose any kind of issues within the device hardware or firmware, the pop up message is a result of that smarter OS which activates the temporary fix for the problem when it feels any issue with the device. The iPhone 7 Home button face a lot critics about having a solid state instead of tactile button but later they have realized that this new Home button on iPhone 7 has much smarter technology

How to fix iPhone 7 Home Button – Latest fix released by Apple

Thanks to iOS 10 smarter programming code under iPhone 7 touch sensitive home button to address the fix for button immediately. A MacRumors forum member ‘iwayne’ described the whole scenario that he met this issue while he put his phone on charge, the Home button stopped working and a pop up message appeared saying “The Home Button May Need Service” so you can use the on-screen home button until get a fix for the physical home button. The most amazing thing is that an alternate workaround is generated in the meantime the Home button issue was observed.

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