How to Enter Download Mode on Samsung Galaxy J7 – All variants


In this guide we will show you how to enter in to Download Mode on Samsung Galaxy J7 for all variants. You need to enter download mode for multiple purposes including, if you want to upgrade the device firmware, install custom recovery or root you device etc. You need to pay attention to under the process to enter download mode on your Galaxy J7 because people often make mistakes and mess up their devices so that’s the reason we are here to avoid such damages and tell you the proper way to enter into recovery mode of Samsung Galaxy J7 all variants.

The process is very easy and we have mentioned three methods for your ease you can use any one of them that you find easy. But before entering download ensure your device battery is charged maximum to avoid any issue while entering download mode.

How to Enter Download Mode in Samsung Galaxy J7 All variants

Follow the below three methods and pay attention on the step sequence mentioned for each method.

Method no 1: Enter Download Mode using third party app

  • Unlock your Galaxy J7 and Tap the Google Play Icon
  • Once in the Google Play, tap the search bar and type Quick Boot
  • Download and install the Quick Boot App on your Galaxy J7
  • Run the app and follow on screen instructions

Method no 2: Enter Download Mode on Samsung Galaxy J7 using hardware keys combination

  • Unlock your Galaxy J7, press and hold Power key
  • Select Power Off to Turn Off your Galaxy J7 completely
  • Now turn it on again but this time you have to press and hold the Power Key, Volume Down and Home buttons simultaneously.
  • Keep pressing it until you see Download Mode on your Galaxy J7
  • You are now in Download Mode.

Method no 3: Enter Download Mode on Samsung Galaxy J7 using Command prompt

Before you begin:

  • Enable USB Debugging, go to Settings >> Developer Options >> USB debugging
  • Download and Extract adb fastboot.

Process to enter Download Mode on Samsung Galaxy J7

  • Now connect your device to the PC using USB cable.
  • Open the adb-and-fastboot folder, Inside adb-and-fastboot folder, press SHIFT and Right-Click on an empty space inside the same folder.


  • Click on Open command prompt here. (as shown)
  • Now type the following command to boot your Galaxy J7 into Download Mode,
  • In the cmd window type “adb reboot download”
  • Wait for the device to enter into Download Mode.

That’s it! You have successfully learned to enter Download Mode on your Samsung Galaxy J7. If you have any query regarding this guide please let us know by typing your query in the below provided comment section.

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