How to enable ‘Swipe for Notification Gesture’ on Google Pixel/Pixel XL


Google’s latest Pixel devices come along with many new features and amazing gestures a.k.a Moves, Infact Android 7.1 Nougat based firmware in Google Pixel is much intelligent and brought many goodies inside it. The multiple gestures are in Android 7.1 running Pixel phones are quite amazing i.e, if you want to pull down the notification panel to see the pending notification, all you need is to move your finger down on the Finger Print sensor on the back of Pixel phone. Google always leads in introducing new smarter features in it’s Operating System as compared to Apple where you have limited options. Android OS is well known for being open source to provide everyone the freedom to customize one’s device accordingly.

If you are new to a pixel phone and don’t know how to enable the Notification gesture feature on your device, don’t worry today in this guide are going to brief you the simple single step procedure to activate ‘Swipe for Notification’ gesture on your device. The Swipe for Notification gesture enable you to view your notifications easily without pulling down the notification bar.


How to enable ‘Swipe for Notification Gesture’ on Google Pixel/Pixel X

Just follow these below simple steps to know how to enable/disable the ‘Swipe for Notification Gesture’ on Google Pixel/Pixel XL

Unlock your device and navigate to Settings >> Moves and Tap to open

Under ‘Moves’ menu, turn on the option ‘Swipe for notification’, if it is turned off.

In the ‘Moves’ menu enable the ‘Swipe for notification’.

That’s it! You have successfully enabled the ‘Swipe for notification’ on your Pixel device, you can turn it off following the same method. Give us your feedback and stay tuned for more updates.

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