How to Enable Hidden Google Apps on Remix OS Beta


Remix OS is the latest Android based OS designed for the Windows or Mac PC’s. If you haven’t install the Remix OS on your computer then you can download it here and install it using this guide. Now after using a month of Remix OS alpha, Jide technologies has recently released the beta version of Remix OS, the Remix OS beta is packed with multiple new features which includes 32 bit hardware support, UEFI complete support and dual boot support along other 50 bugs fixed in the overall system.

The Remix OS beta contains with version 2.0.102 and you can easily install them on your device as you can simply upgrade your firmware if you are already using the Remix OS alpha. The Remix OS beta is also packed with some hidden features which need to be exposed so lets get back to our point where we will enable the hidden feature built in the Remix OS beta. Just follow the below simple steps to enable the hidden Google Apps in Remix OS beta.

How to enable hidden Google Play Services/apps on Remix OS beta

  • Boot into Remix OS beta.
  • Now once you are in the Remix OS homescreen, press Alt+F1 to open the terminal command window.
  • Once you see the black terminal window on your screen, now type the following command.

pm.disable com.jide.apppolicy

  • Then type the following command to display all the apps which are hidden in the Remix OS.

pm list packages -d

  • You will see the list of apps hidden inside the Remix OS, now type the following command to enable each of them followed by their name.

pm enable <package name>

  • Press Alt+F7 to exit terminal window.

That’s it! You have successfully enabled hidden google apps in Remix OS beta. If you have any query regarding the above guide you are free to ask.

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