How to enable hidden Freeform Window Mode on Android 7.0 N


Google has released it’s latest Android version known as Android 7.0 N, there is still confusion in it’s final name but the latest Android N firmware is packed with wonderful feature including Split Screen, Night more, Freeform Mode and much more. The Android N preview is released already released for Nexus device and it will be available for other devices as well.

Apart from it’s visible features, the Android N is also packed with hidden features built in by default, the only thing you need to do is perform a little work to enable them. Today in this post we are going to activate the hidden Freeform Window (Splits the screen as in Remix OS) features we don’t exactly know why it is still hidden may be it’s a memory eater thing and sure it will.

Just follow the below procedure to enable the Freeform window mode in Android N.

How to enable Freeform Window Mode on Android N

Before you begin:

Disclaimer: This tutorial includes multiple operations including Custom recovery. Follow the guide on your own risk, we are not responsible if you brick or damage your device however the chances of bricking a device are rare but you have to pay full attention on the complete guide to avoid any issues and difficulties while performing any of the above mentioned operation.

  • Enable USB Debugging (Settings >> Developer Options >> USB debugging)
  • Your phone battery should be charged minimum 80%
  • You must have a working TWRP recovery installed on your device or follow our custom recovery section and choose your device.

Download these files:

Process to enable Freeform window on Android N

Boot your device into recovery mode using hardware keys combination or using third party app.

When your device enter recovery mode, now choose Mount and check System.

Now connect your device to the PC using USB cable.

Open the adb-and-fastboot folder and inside adb-and-fastboot folder, press SHIFT and Right-Click on an empty space inside the same folder.

Click on Open command prompt here as shown in picture below.


Now enter the following command to enable Freeform window mode on Android 7.0 N.

cd /system/etc/permissions
sed -e “s/live_wallpaper/freeform_window_management/” >freeform.xml

That’s it! You have successfully enabled Freeform window mode on Android 7.0 N. Now reboot your device and enjoy the Freeform mode feature.

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