How to enable Google Assistant on any Android device (Non Pixel devices)


Welcome folks! Today we are going to show you the complete procedure to enable the latest Google Assistant features on your Android device. Google has introduced this new useful features in it’s latest Pixel devices, Google Assistant is a true companion of a smartphone user that it always ready to serve you regarding best suggestions, weather report, best places to visit including restaurants, picnic points and much more.

The layout of the Google Assistant app is very interesting, you can ask for suggestion and it will reply you back just like a person sitting on another side. Chatting is so real that one should be in doubt, there may be a real person answering your questions. The feature is embedded on the latest Pixel devices but thanks to an XDA developer for making it even more versatile, now you can enable the Google Assistant on your Android device just performing a few steps below.

You can say Google Assistant is an advanced Google Now, so it’s a real fun to have this feature on your Android device. Just follow the guide below to enable Google Assistant on your Android device. One more thing before we move ahead lets tell you that your device must be rooted and running Android 7.0 Nougat (either custom or stock) with latest version of Google App.

How to enable Google Assistant on Android device

Visit Google Play and install the BuildProp Editor app.

First create a backup of exisitng build.prop file, in case something goes wrong while editing you must have a safe backup. To do so, tap 3 vertical bar and then ‘Create backup’.

Now tap the Pencil icon (edit) and modify the end line of build.prop file with the below string.


Then search for the “ro.product.device” line and change it’s value to


Now go back and save the changes and then reboot.

That’s it! You have successfully enabled the Google Assistant on your Android device. Stay tune for more updates


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