How to convert a Nexus device into a Google Pixel phone


Google has released it’s new Pixel series of smartphones, the Google Pixel and Pixel XL. The old Nexus series has been abandoned by Google already, if you have a Nexus device then it’s not a crime to have that we were just discussing about Google’s new series. The Nexus series will still receive the firmware support, the new Pixel phones are the first ever devices that Google designed and manufactured itself with latest firmware installed on them. In fact if you are the owner of any Nexus device on running Marshmallow or Nougat firmware then you can easily convert it into Pixel phones, Wondering?? Yes, it’s possible, we have provided each and every thing including Google Pixel apps, Pixel launcher, Google Assistant (latest feature on Google Pixel) and much more. Just carry on along with the guide to see how to do that.

Google Pixel devices pre-orders has already shipped to the consumers and if you are of them then you will get your shipment anytime soon. So this guide is for the users who actual possess a Nexus devices from Google’s Nexus family and have no plan to update their device, you can easily give your Nexus device a Google Pixel’s look regarding firmware obviously. Just follow the description below to convert your Nexus device into Google Pixel phone.

How to convert a Nexus device into Google Pixel phone

The below mentioned links are complete guide where you can easily download and install the stock Google Pixel apps for your Nexus device.

Follow this guide to download and install Google Assistant on your device

Follow this article to download Google Pixel live wallpapers apk

Follow this guide to download and install Google Pixel Launcher on your device

Follow this guide to download and install Google Pixel Camera on your device

Follow this guide to download and install all Google Pixel apps on your device.

That’s it! Give us your feedback and share the experience of using Google Pixel features on your Nexus device.

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