How to clean your Android device from Viruses

Android is an open source operating system and it is widely used across globe on millions of cell phones and tablets. Being open source opens a whole new world of innovation and customization but in the same fashion it becomes easier for malware like the most popular Trojan horse virus to get penetrated into your device and sneak out your personal information or any valuable data residing in the memory of your Android device. Well there are multiple ways of staying safe from these unwanted viruses on your Android phones and tablets and also in the first run we will tell you how to avoid installing viruses or suspicious programs on your Android powered devices and in the second method we will will guide all those people who are already infected and looking for some solution to get rid of these unwanted malware.

How to avoid getting malware on your Android devices

There are various ways of avoiding your phone from getting infected from dangerous viruses and malware like Trojan horse, that is one of the most dangerous virus that pulls out the required information and shares it with the hacker or the person that owned that virus for some specific purposes. Well to stay away from a situation like this, just follow below steps.

1- Only install apps from trusted developers

It’s simple only install those applications that are available on Play Store and are signed as trusted. As this is the first and most effective step to stay away from unwanted malware as installing application having very low or suspicious details might harm your device as it may contain viruses or someone designed it in a way to get access to your Android device. So be careful while choosing some random app and make sure your know enough about that app.

2- Disable unknown sources

Android OS gives you an option of installing any app or game manually by downloading its APK file. But before installing it manually on your Android devices you need to enable “unknown sources” that comes disable by default and you need to enable it before making any manual move to install any app. So try to avoid installing apps directly with this method and use Google Play Store for installing applications. Anyhow if you really need to install via APK method then first make sure the file is from the trusted developer and tap on the file and check all the details first before proceeding for the installation process. Unknown sources option can be accessed by going into the settings tabs on your Android device then scroll down to security and here you will find unknown sources with an enable or disable option.

3- Read the Reviews of the app

Sometimes you will feel awkward while using an application or sometimes an application behaves abnormally causing multiple crash or lagging issue. You should thoroughly go throw the reviews about that app and their developers and also read user’s opinions of that buggy app and look for anyone else who reported the same issue and also checkout developer’s response on those queries. As genuine developers always gives you feedback as soon as possible and they will also figure out your problem as well. So again make sure why your app is having issues and in case of any doubt delete it instantly from your device.

4- Read Application’s permission

Whenever you install any application on your Android device it will pop out with a window asking for permission to access certain hardware on your device. So make sure to read it properly and only grant access to those apps whom they meant to access certain features of your device. Any app asking for permission to access those features that it is not meant to access, simply reject it right away.

How to remove virus from your Android devices

Well above methods were for a safe usage of your device to stay away from unwanted software and now in this section we will tell you how to clean up your Android devices if they are already infected from malware.

1- Delete the buggy app

Well first of all figure out which application is causing performance and other issues on your Android device or after installing which app that problem arose and start with uninstalling less trusted apps or apps you think are not useful. One by one you will catch the culprit and after uninstalling that specific program from your device you will feel performance enhancement on your device.

2- Install trusted Antivirus Program on your Android

There are several Antivirus apps available on Play Store each having different efficiency level of catching and taking down malware. So choose the one you think is best for you and scan you device for malware and soon it will give you warning of the infected app or document whom you need to take immediate action to stay away from further destruction.

3- Reset your device to factory settings

If the above methods didn’t helped you in resolving your issue then the only and the most hard option is factory rest your device as it will wipe all the data on your device along all the installed apps and bring your device to settings it came with. This will help removing all the infected programs from your Android phones or tablets and then choose wisely while installing new apps again. Before getting a hard rest make sure to make a backup of your media, contacts and messages so that you can restore them all after resetting your device to its factory setting. You can manually make a backup of pictures and videos by transferring all the files to your SD memory or on your computer and use contact and message backup apps to make backup files and store it in safe place on your SD card or on computer’s hard-drive so that you can find it easily for the restoration process.

Hope this detailed guide helped you in cleaning up virus from your Android devices, for any query feel free to contact us through below comment section and stay tune for more guides and updates.

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