HMD Global launched Nokia 6 Android Powered Smartphone

Finally its officially confirmed that once cell phone giant Nokia is back again with the launch of its latest smartphone Nokia 6. We have been hearing these news since a couple of months from different sources that Nokia is coming back into Smartphone business once again after they shutdown and sold their smartphone unit to tech giant Microsoft. So now as per contractual basis its officially over and Nokia can again start manufacturing smartphones with their name. This latest device Nokia 6 powered by Android OS is partially landed in Chinese market and it is assumed that more devices are on their way soon.

This latest device came up with handy specifications and with a lower price tag and launched only in China, so rest of the World still have to wait for it. Nokia 6 is powered by Snapdragon 430 chipset with a RAM of 4GB along storage of 64GB. Display and resolution is pretty impressive as Nokia 6 is equipped with 5.5-inch display with a resolution of 1080 x 1920. A 16MP rear camera and 8MP front camera is adding extra charm in this device with a price tag of only $245. Well from these specification it seems like Nokia took a good start and this lower price tag is a good strategy to grab into maximum market shares instead of launching an expensive device in a place where its competitors are already ruling the smartphone market.

Expecting to get some more good devices from Nokia in coming feature as HMD Gobal is using the official Nokia tag and this company is based on most of the ex Nokia’s employees who are enthusiastic enough to bring back the glory they last earlier by not adopting Android and then unable to compete with fast paced mobile software developments. Well this latest Android powered Nokia 6 is just a beginning and more powerful devices are expected with our favorite Nokia tag on it.


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