Fix Google Play services Keep awake drain battery problem

In this guide you will be able to fix the battery drain caused by Google Play Services on your Android device. The users all over the world heard complaining about dramatic battery drain due to latest version of Google Play services, the same thing happened to me 2 days ago after flahsing CM11 ROM on my device but i got a solution and fixed my device. How do i did this, i would like to share the complete step by step guide with you.


How to fix Google Play services Keep awake battery drain problem

Just follow the below simple steps to fix the Google Play Services battery drain problem.

Go to setting >> Apps >> All

Scroll down until you see “Google Play Services”.

Select it and then tap on Uninstall updates

Once done with this you will be notified about out dated Google Play services version.

Now go Tap Google Play icon and select My Apps.

Update the Google Play services and reboot.

This should fix the issue.

But if this method doesn’t work for you then folow the below mentioned method no 2 (guranteed working)

Method No 2: Fix battery drain due to Google Play Services using Built-In Privacy Guard

The CyanogenMod ROMs has a built in Privacy Guard feature (in setting menu) which allow you minimize the apps ablilty to wake the device. In this method we are going to modify the Google Play services in the Privacy guard feature to limit the battery consumtion on idle, we have provided complete step by step guide along picture for your ease.

Go to Settings menu and select Privacy ( as Shown)


Once in privacy settings, Tap the Privacy Guard option to open it. A warning will be seen as shown below,tap ok.


Click the 3 dots in the top right and check the option “Show built-in apps”


Navigate downward until you see “Google Play Services” press and hold the option for one second


Select the Wake up option and then select denied as shown.


Do the same with the “Keep awake” option.


That’s all you have to do now go back and reboot your device so that the settings could take effect.

After reboot charge your device and observe the battery progress. I am going to share the screenshot of my device which is now pretty stable.

I hope this guide will help you in fixing the battery drain caused by Google Play Services. If you have any query feel free to contact us by posting your queries in the below provided comment section.

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