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In this guide we will let you know how you can easily enable surround sound feature on your Nexus 5X. Surround sound feature is not a new feature instead multiple devices with stereo speaker already have it, the surround sound gives you the feeling of sound from multiple places. But what if you enable it on your Nexus 5X having single Speaker?

Yes, this is now possible, a senior XDA member ‘sshafranko’ has developed a mod by which you will be able to enable surround sound feature using two speakers at the same time, one source of surround sound is the primary ringer itself which is used to play sound including ringtones and enable speaker phone during calls but the second one is the ear piece.

The surround sound Mod for Nexus 5X allows two speakers (Speaker and the ear piece) to produce sound at the same time which results a stereo sound. Although the ear piece is not much loud but good enough to create the illusion of surround sound.

If you are interested in installing the surround sound mod on your device you need a custom recovery to be installed on your device, if you didn’t have recovery installed in your device we have mentioned the link below you can follow it to install TWRP recovery on your Nexus 5X.

There is an alternate method by which you can install surround sound feature on your device and that is the root access. You can extract components of the surround sound mod zip file and move the apk file to system>>etc then set the permission’s arrangement to rw-r-r.

Follow our guide to root and install TWRP recovery on Nexus 5X

Download Nexus_5X_Surround.zip

How to enable surround sound feature on Nexus 5X using custom recovery

Connect your device to your PC and copy the surround sound Mod zip file onto your device storage.

Turn of your device and boot into TWRP custom Recovery menu by the hardware keys combination or using any third party app (Mostly found in Play store).

Create a Nandroid backup of your device (optional) or follow our guide to create a Nandroid backup (this will create a backup of your complete device including current firmware) if something goes wrong you can restore your previous firmware.

Once the Nandroid process completes, Choose install and navigate to the folder where you have copied the Nexus-5X_Surround.zip file

Swipe across the slider to confirm install, wait till the file is completely installed in your device.

That’s it! You have successfully enabled surround sound feature on your Nexus 5X, if you have any query let us know.

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