Download Super Mario Run for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch

Finally after years Nintendo Co. decided to jump into mobile gaming and came up with their best recipe and named it Super Mario Run this time. Super Mario Run came with the same outfit like its classic version that we played decades ago but with improved and sharper graphics. Currently Super Mario Run is available on Apple store only but hope in the near feature, users from other mobile platfroms will be able to enjoy this game too.

Mario is on a run because he got an invitation from his favorite princess Peach to join a party at the palace, where she is going to regard her by baking a cake. So what you need to do is help Mario reach the palace safely from some of the challenging levels, hard to go through. You will experience the same obstacles and enemies as you have seen in its classic version and tackling them is also the same, pop over their head and make your way forward but this time you don’t need to stop and move upward for collecting point or wait for the little ducks to pass away. As gameplay is a bit changed because Mario is on a constant run this time and what you need to do is to jump him across the hurdles with the intensity of the jump that can be bigger or smaller by just holing down the screen for a while will get you a bugger jump. Little obstacles and enemies are ignored and you don’t to worry about them while running as Mario will jump them automatically.

Super Mario Run hit App store a few hours back and it is available to download for free. News emerged even before its availability on App store and with in minutes of its launch millions of people have downloaded this latest Super Mario Run on their iOS devices and still its downloads are on the rise and hope it is going to touch millions with in no time. You can play Super Mario Run on your iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch running iOS 8 and above. Grab your copy and watch your favorite Mario in action once again and for those who are looking for Super Mario Run on App Store, we have provided App Store download link below, just in case you are getting difficulty in getting it.

Download Super Mario Run from App Store for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch

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