Clash of Clans May 2017 Balancing Update

As we all know team behind Clash of Clans is cooking up something big off the shores and coming up with some of the huge changes ever made to the game. This latest update is expected to be released soon but in the mean team we just get our hands on balancing update May 2017 change log from Supercell.

This balancing update is bringing the Clone Spell level at 5 with Town Hall 11, along a relief for Town Hall 10 players as they will be able to update it till level 3. Freeze Spell and Head Spell are also updated to level 6 and 7 along Town Hall 11 and 10 accordingly. Updates are also made to the levels of Gold and Elixir mines and now you can go upto level 7 in Town Hall 9 that was previously applicable just for Town Hall 10 players.

Beside these upgrades in resources, Bomb and Balloon attack damaged rates are increased and decreased as well and now Bomb will be having a equivalent level of damage as a Wall Breaker. Well at the same time Balloons that were enjoying maximum damage rate are decreased to a little less damage rate but the speed of attack will remain the same.

Well this is just a glimpse of the giant update that is coming in a few days, to know more about upcoming events and Clash of Clans May 2017 update, stay tune and also give us your feedback as well.


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