Clash of Clans latest update with Village Guard and Personal Breaks


Well we all know that since yesterday Supercell started sharing their sneak peeks updates of their biggest upcoming update with the crazy fans of their best ever game Clash of Clans. In the same series of sneak peeks today we get to know some useful information about the Village Guard and Personal Breaks. Coc developers are revealing their upcoming update step by step so that they better get user opinions so that they can evaluate and plan what to execute and what not to in upcoming update.

Yesterday they revealed about the revamped shield and today these new topics are here for another hot debate. Well according to Dev’s desk the new entry of Village Guard will let you protect your village when you don’t have active shield. Means now you can even disconnect the game but still village shield will show you as active and its duration will vary on the league and it could be from 15 mins to 3 hours. There is no restrictions on the attack you can attack anytime without fearing of loosing Village Guard and you can buy extra 2 hours by spending 10 gems once in a day. Village Guard can be dismissed anytime and buying an active shield will dismiss village guard. This is a great relief as now you can stay away for a while without active shield as Village Guard is watching things for you and you will feel more secure with this.


Another big thing that came to add balance between things is Personal Break and this will calculate your commutative online time without village guard or shield and after 3 hours you will be forced to take off for atleast 6 mins and buying village guard for 10 gems will extend personal break limit by 2 hours. This is also a bit relief as some times you need to get away from the game for a while without getting worry of losing anything.


Well these two village guard and personal breaks are added to keep balance in defense and attack with the new shield system as these will also let the players to change their strategies as some players were taking advantages of free shield by just letting their town hall out of the walls. Since we all know this is the biggest update in the history of Clash of Clash so we might expect things like this and even bigger than this as this whole thing is changing the gameplay in a better and fairer way.

More to come soon as we are regularly coming up with new updates as soon as we get to know from the dev’s desk of coc. So stay tune for knowing what’s coming in the next biggest update in the history of Clash of Clans by subscribing us and following us on Facebook, Twitter and Google+, till then visit below link to know about revamped shield system and to download Clash of Clans latest version.

Clash of Clans update revamped shied system

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    Bob November 25, 2015 at 4:26 pm

    Supercell you really know how to mess up a perfectly good game. To keep balance in defense and attack? Yeah right, you’re just trying to earn more money by making people buy more shield or guard. Soon your “best ever game” will be the worst game ever. A lot of people stopped playing this game already after hearing about the update.

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