Clash of Clans latest update with revamped Shield system


Clash of Clans one of the most playing and most famous strategy game is coming up with the biggest update in history of the game this December. Before the update actually hit your devices Super Cell decided to share the significant changes they made in this upcoming Clash of Clans update by sneak peeks for atleast 2 weeks and today their first sneak peek as rumored came up with the latest development with the shield system.

Supercell made some of the biggest and game changing changes to the shield system to balance this part of the game as some people were abusing it by putting their town hall out of the walls and letting it destroy by the enemy to get an automated free shield as now no shield will be granted on the destruction of town hall so it is advised by coc developers to bring your town hall in as this is no longer going to benefit you in getting free shield. Along this they also gave some advantages with the shield system as now you can attack during the active shield without fearing of loosing it, however a few time will be deducted from the shield.

Well the new shield system will get active for 12 hours when there will be 30% destruction, a 14 hours shield will be given on 60% destruction and a 16 hour shield will be provided on 90% destruction there will be no shield on the destruction of town hall. Supercell touched the shield system after long time with a thought in mind of both attacker and defender as they both should get equal benefits.


Moreover the Clash of Clans update will give the defenders an opportunity to attack other clans without loosing their shield as it is considered a bad strategy to break shield for attacking opponents as shield is hard to get and it costs too much and no body will want to throw it away for nothing. With the new shield system now you can attack other clans or your can take revenge by just cutting down a bit of shield time and without loosing the entire shield as an active shield gives you opportunity to recover from the past attacks and also gives you time for a better strategy to build more strong defense.

Well this was just a glimpse of the latest development in Clash of Clans regarding to shield system, more coming on daily basis through sneak peeks from the Clash of Clans Dev’s desk. So stay tune for knowing what’s coming in the next biggest update in the history of Clash of Clans by subscribing us and following us on Facebook, Twitter and Google+, till then enjoy the latest available update of Clash of Clans through below provided link.

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