Clash of Clans latest update with Loot, League Bonuses and Trophy Offers


Here we go once again with the latest upcoming update of Clash of Clans as developers from Supercell are throwing sneak peeks on daily basis telling the changes that they made in the biggest update ever since the release of Clash of Clans. Yesterday we discussed about the Village Guard and Personal Breaks and today we came up with new topics that we get to know from Dev’s desk and that are Loot, League Bonuses and Trophy Offers, as some of the biggest changes are made in this section too.

From this upcoming update it seems developers behind Clash of Clans are mainly focusing on town hall as they already made changes regarding to defense and shield system mainly targeting Town Hall as this will give players no benefit in gaining free shield and it is advised to bring it back in to walls as from today’s desk we got to know that Town Hall will be having a bigger storage of loot and loot will be equally distributed among town hall and storage. Town Hall is keeping a share of gold and elixir storage along 1/4 dark elixir storage. Attackers have to destroy the Town Hall completely for obtaining the loot means now you have to keep your Town Hall and Clan Castle under certain protection in order to avoid bigger damages.


League Bonuses are changed as well and now you have to attack well to get benefits of increased league bonuses. It is now based on percentage range from 0% to 100% for a victorious attack further an attacker can earn 100% league bonus if he/she is able to destroy 70% overall.


Trophy offers got a significant change as well and this will mainly benefit the most trophy takers as they will be gaining more trophies on winning and they will loose less while defending. Trophy offers now mainly counts on the number of trophies and vice versa. Along this all there are many other significant changes that are made in multiplayer matchmaking as loot percentage is increased on Town Hall from level 6 to 10. So better attack to achieve a better bonus and keep your Town Hall in the heart of your village it now worth more than your storage.


These all changes are made for a better and fair game play as we have seen significant changes in this upcoming update and more to come soon. So stay tune for knowing what’s coming in the next biggest update in the history of Clash of Clans by subscribing us and following us on Facebook, Twitter and Google+, till then visit below link to know about revamped shield system and to download Clash of Clans latest version.

Clash of Clans update revamped shied system

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