Apple to use Samsung-made AMOLED display in upcoming iPhone

When it comes to smartphones there are two major rivals iOS and Android, both competing for the perfection. Since Apple is having an upper hand in terms of their own hardware and software, so they don’t need super turbo phones with 8 cores of processors and GBs of RAM as they design their software according to their hardware and that is light and fast to use with low specs hardware. Where as in Android things are quite different as Android is a resource hungry operating system and their operating devices needs lot of memory and high performing CPU’s to run their phones smoothly. Well when it comes to hardware no doubt Android devices especially devices from Samsung are having an upper hand in terms of technological advancements and in the same run they are the first one to introduce AMOLED displays in their devices.

Well since the arrival of AMOLED displays things are changed a lot as these displays are brighter, sharper and the best thing about them is they can fit into very slim designs and also having a wonderful impact on battery timings. Samsung is using these kind of displays in their current devices and improving for the upcoming devices where as Apple is still stuck with the LCD and OLED display that can’t compete the efficiency of AMOLED displays. So according to various sources it is confirmed that Apple is going to order AMOLED display to Samsung for their upcoming iPhone, most probably iPhone 8 will be the lucky one to come up with a more brighter and sharper display.

It is an era of technology and even big names like Apple and Samsung apparently hard rivals are still somehow relaying on each other for their desiring needs. Samsung is coming up with Galaxy S8 and from various rumors we already saw this device in a sleek and compact design where as it is expected that iPhone 8 is coming up with same size of 4.7 inches but with a bigger and brighter display with very less extra space will be left for other components and Touch ID.

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