Apple iPhone hitting record sales on its 10th Anniversary

Apple iPhone turned 10 years old today, same day on 9th January 2007 Steve Jobs came up with an idea and revolution in from of iPhone which changed the whole concept of smartphones. According to Steve Jobs at the very first iPhone presentation, smartphones are not smarter enough and we are bringing true smartphone with functionalities that will come up when you only need them, and that’s true because at that time Nokia was leading the smartphone market with devices that seemed to be really outdated when the first iPhone landed with a bigger capacitive touch screen along whole new concept of how we ever used and felt a smartphone. The first iPhone took the smartphones to a whole new level and soon after Android landed in the market with the same concept but with a little different interface.

The first iPhone that hit market was on 29th June 2007 and it was priced about $ 500 to $600 for a 4GB and 8GB models. This little over priced iPhone with a few flaws still managed to survive in the huge cell phone market and year after year it came up with new and improved models and today after 10 years we are having the best iPhone ever. We will say it the best iPhone because of its immense popularity and recent sales that are crossing in numbers to its top competitors. It is reported that Apple will cross sales of its smart devices from Microsoft by shipping 18 million devices this year and it is expected that these numbers will increase in coming years.

2017 is going to be a tech revolution year as a lot of Android devices are coming up with some wonderful specifications along the return of once tech giant Nokia with its first device after years¬†Nokia 6 already made its way in the Chinese market. Well it’s a tough market to compete now and Apple seems to be getting a little upper hand because of the reliability of its product and it is also getting advantage from the flaw of Note 7 from Samsung that beside best efforts from Samsung couldn’t stopped its battery from getting exploded and eventually they discontinued its sales and called back all of Note 7 devices. Well wait and see what else comes up this year and again thanks to Steve Jobs for bringing this revolution and because of his hard work Apple is enjoying a rich market share in the smartphone business.

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